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Bench not political

Posted on November 7, 2018 by Taber Times

I do not understand what is so terrible about that bench. It was placed there about 10 years ago with permission of the town council of the day.

Council seems to classify the display as a “political statement,” no it is not, it is a “moral value statement.”

How is it possible that a small minority can now dictate to the majority to remove a memorial out of our community cemetery? A memorial, not to offend anyone, but to honour the most defenceless.

Why even have this conversation, even now at this time when we remember those who gave their lives so that we can live in freedom?

Our Visser family enjoyed this freedom in our adopted land almost 70 years. What legacy has my generation left when we pass on? I don’t understand, why has our society become so intolerable, removing a bench in Taber, removing the statue of Canada’s first prime minister in B.C., taking rights away from parents in Alberta schools, encouraging recreational pot to make us feel better? Was society perfect 70 years ago? Certainly not, we were all very poor by today’s standards, but were blessed because we did not know it, because most of us were in the same boat, and we had time to support one another.

But yet today, in 2018, I am still thankful the weather co-operated with good conditions to take in an abundant harvest. I see good care in our health care facilities, our senior homes, our schools and churches, to help all our precious families, and our Taber and district family.

A concerned citizen,


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