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Cemetery bench concerns voiced

Posted on September 26, 2018 by Taber Times

I sent my concerns to the town earlier this summer, and have had no response whatsoever involving an issue I had at the cemetery.

I fully realize this has been debated in the past, but I was unaware of it until my last visit. I find this very disturbing, and would like to see more debate, as you know, times are changing.

My name is Sheila Lord (Boyle). I recently visited the cemetery in Taber, for my mother and father in-law’s interment (former fire chief Bill Lord, and Joyce Lord). I of course went to visit my Mom and Dad, Stuart and Margaret Boyle, and was surprised and extremely disappointed to see such a controversial Pro Life resting bench, two of them, beside the columbarium.

I believe your bylaws state that memorials shall not offend. I understand everyone has an opinion about this issue, but a cemetery is certainly not the place to voice them. My father (former mayor of Taber) would have been appalled! He was a kind, non-judgmental, accepting and loving man, and I’m sure this would be upsetting to him, as it is to our whole family.


One response to “Cemetery bench concerns voiced”

  1. Sworr says:

    The message on the resting benches within the cemetary is inappropriate and may be offensive to some visitors.
    People visiting any cemetary hope to find a peaceful enviroment. Advertising of any nature intrudes on the peace & tranquility of the cemetary.
    When a bench is donated it would be more appropriate to place a small engraved plaque on the back of the bench recognizing & thanking the benifactor.
    I sincerely hope that the Town of Taber will remove the message from these benches.

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