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Albertans need to wake up

Posted on September 5, 2018 by Taber Times

Tax increases, suffocating regulations, and veto powers granted by courts to Aboriginal and environmental groups make it extremely difficult for Alberta to return to a competitive business environment.

Notley and Trudeau have throttled the energy sector, the engine of the Alberta economy, by regulating it to death.

The latest example is the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion (one pipeline laid beside the existing), stopped by a court decision after five years of trying to comply with federal government regulations, pending further consultation with B.C. native groups.

Trudeau’s Liberals killed the Northern Gateway project and Energy East through ever-expanding regulations and pandering to Montreal and Quebec lobbyists.

Fortunately, for Albertans, we own our own resources, and we can elect governments that are accountable and then insist that they encourage entreprenuership. We all should be mad as hell and insist that we aren’t going to take it anymore.

Wake up! Take control again.

Ron Hierath
Former Taber-Warner MLA

One response to “Albertans need to wake up”

  1. Fedup Conservative says:

    So how have Notley and Trudeau throttled the energy sector when the oilmen we talk to have nothing but praise for what they have been trying to do to help them get our oil to new markets??? Does Hierath hear any of our oil executives whining and bashing them? Maybe it’s time this UCP party run by a former Liberal in Jason Kenney, turned Reformer, never was a true conservative started listening to the people instead of just bashing the Liberal and NDP government that true Alberta conservatives elected. Most are saying they are a lot more like the conservatives we proudly supported under Lougheed and Getty , they care about the well being of the people. Notley is a lot more like Peter Lougheed she doesn’t let anyone kick her around or hasn’t Hierath noticed? The fact is they have already accomplished a lot more in three years than what Harper ever did in nine.

    Is Hierath even aware that most people in B.C. support it, while a handful are causing the problem? Has he seen the terrain that the Northern Gateway Pipeline was going to take, and has he talked to the people in that area? They have pointed out to us that have, that they have gone for several weeks at a time without any natural gas when raging rivers or landslides have taken out the pipeline from Alberta, they certainly weren’t going to let Alberta force a oil pipeline upon them that could destroy their salmon fishing industry and none of us who salmon fish out there blame them. We have seen the Yellow head highway destroyed on several occasions.

    What does he want us to get control of when all the UCP is offering is to carry on where Ralph Klein left off giving away our oil wealth to their rich friends, while they force the people into a lot more privatization? None of the true conservatives I know are dumb enough to buy it, we know what Liberal Klein did to us and Kenney is no different.

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