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Christian rights under attack

Posted on July 12, 2018 by Taber Times

As I write this, it is a beautiful sunny day, nature is awesome, trees in full attire, crops in the country look very nice.

We are blessed with three meals a day, how can I be negative?

Because Christian values, based on the preamble of Canada’s Constitution that is founded on principles that recognize God and the rule of law, in our beloved country, are under attack.

Unless we wake up and get engaged in the battle, we will be defeated by the non-Christian actions around us. One problem is the rights of the parents. A law in the making, where teachers will not be allowed to inform parents the whereabouts, and actions of their children while in school. It is interesting to note the government are so sorry about the native residential school issue, taking the rights of those parents away. Now they are repeating the same injustice. The other issue is the Supreme Court decision to take away the right of T.W.U., a private university in B.C. who wanted to start a law school. The law societies in B.C., Ontario and Nova Scotia challenged that because this Christian University requires all its students restrict sexual activity to married male and female unions. The Supreme Court sided with the law societies.

Interestingly just 15 years ago, the teachers unions took T.W.U. to court on the same grounds as the law societies, and the court rightly sided with T.W.U. Now reader you decide, was the court decision siding with the laws societies based on interpreting the Canadian charter of human rights, or based on anti Christian public opinion? Wake up Christians, your rights are being eroded.  

Hans & Lena Visser

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