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Reader displeased with UCP Bill 6 hyperbole

Posted on March 14, 2018 by Taber Times

Re: MLA Hunter announces UCP candidacy

MLA Grant Hunter in his announcement declaring his candidacy in the new Taber-Warner riding goes over the top once more in his rhetoric.

He assails the NDP government for introducing Bill 6, the Enhanced Protection for Farm & Ranch Workers Act. MLA Hunter states Bill 6 “has been absolutely devastating to farmers, especially small farmers.”

That is absolutely, hyperbolic nonsense. I challenge MLA Hunter to point to even a single farm, large or small that has been “absolutely devastated” by Bill 6.

Evidently, MLA Hunter is taking a page from the Jason Kenney playbook — lay it on thick and expect folks not to dig down too deep for the truth. MLA Hunter should park his manure spreader.

Everywhere I look in southern Alberta I see growth, development and expansion in agriculture.

You need only look to the huge greenhouses built since Bill 6, Cavendish Farms expansion in Lethbridge, new grain bins dotting the landscape and jobs.

The job board at the Alberta Farmworker Service Centre is full of ag jobs with new jobs coming in every day and people are optimistic.

The UCP promise to turn back the clock and repeal Bill 6 would leave Alberta again as an outlier completely out of step with Canada and the rest of the world market place.

You can’t find the path forward by looking in the rear-view mirror.

Executive Director,
Alberta Farmworker Service Centre

One response to “Reader displeased with UCP Bill 6 hyperbole”

  1. Fedup Conservative says:

    Thanks Eric for writing this. As we all know it’s just one more lie told by Jason Kenney and those dumb enough to support him. The true conservatives I know are getting really sick and tired of it. Nothing they have said has been true and they haven’t provided once single intelligent plan to get us out of this “Horrific Mess”, as Lougheed called it that they helped Ralph Klein put us in. Cutting government spending by dumping the costs onto the backs of the people, like Klein did, and they are promising to do, will only make things worse. Us seniors will be in a far worse mess.

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