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Time to grab another sweater with carbon tax

Posted on December 21, 2016 by Taber Times

It’s an interesting world as we go along. Things are in constant change.

It used to be quite alarming when Tax Freedom Day was in mid-July. That meant that for six-and-a-half months, the average Canadian’s salary went to the government.

But now with the newly invented Carbon Tax, Canadians will be working for seven months before his or her salary will become their own. For some Canadians this will not be a problem, but for many that I’ve spoken to, they are maxed out and tired of double taxation.

I suppose if Canadians freeze in their houses because the gas has been turned off, this will not be a problem for NDPers as long as the victims have clean air in their lungs.

Mr. Trudeau’s philosophy would be that hopefully those lungs would be full of marijuana cigarette smoke. That way, no one would notice how badly the Liberal’s are managing Canada’s economy. Canadian eyes might be focused on Liberals election reform or some other Liberal created tragedy.

It is becoming a world of eroded safety nets. A rebate of $200 on the carbon tax issue may make the NDPers feel good, but at the receiving end, pretty spindly. But think of the huge bureaucracy required to administer the carbon program.

Tighten your belts folks, stay home and turn down the temperature.


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