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Who will be our leaders?

Posted on December 7, 2016 by Taber Times

In our province and country as well as in our close neighbour to the south we have heard and do now hear from candidates aspiring to political office. It’s every citizens right and responsibility to choose wisely the persons who want to lead us.

But who are they and what credentials should they carry to claim that right?

First, should be that of a proven servant of the people – one who sacrifices glory and honour and serves out of pure motives of dedication, caring and fairness. To do this they will need to be, or be willing to become, well-informed on issues affecting those in their constituencies, trustworthy, not given to fault-finding or character assassination of opponents, good listeners, honest and direct in answering fair questions of the media and those they represent.

Second, know that one cannot separate his political life from his personal life: dishonest or honest, civil or uncivil, lacking or possessing everyday qualities of an irresponsible or responsible citizen, good or bad habits to name a few. We want our would-be leaders to rise above that which is petty and climb to the high road and stay on it in all matters of human relations and know that if not in the present then certainly in the future one’s personal behaviour will either interfere with or contribute to his/her public performance.

Most of us generally understand what is acceptable behaviour and what is not. Of course, we all make mistakes and at times slide from our climb to the top of desirable human action and thought. That we can forgive.

However, we see too much today of those who when caught in a wrong deny, blame others, claim political immunity, use position, dilute the behaviour implying that what they did was the new norm and everybody is doing it or lying and justifying it because their accuser is a liar. When anyone acts with impunity it is only natural for the observer to lose a degree of honour or respect towards that offending person. Help us out by not defaulting to any of these unprofitable ways of reacting to personal improper behaviour and become the leader we all hope and want you to be.


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