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Parents should have say in new curriculum

Posted on July 20, 2016 by Taber Times

Massive curriculum overhaul, overhauling to be done by government bureaucrats, and teachers using 288 teaching days during school year 2016/17 for Horizon district alone, but no parents?

I ask parents to stand on guard, they are your children, not the governments. There are so many different values today, make sure that it is your values that your children are being taught.

But sadly it is a problem of our own making, today’s society tends to lean more and more on government to do things for us. And that becomes a problem, it is a unfortunate trend in our society today.

When this country was born almost 150 years ago the preamble of its constitution says, “Canada is founded on principles that recognize God and the rule of law.”

A Canadian law that protects it citizens rights and safety, and care that all citizens have access to education and healthcare, but not to run our daily lives.

We need to take more of life responsibilities on ourselves. Instead it seems that we make life such a rat race, we continue to gather more stuff and toys rather than contentment.

And so we all need to work so hard to pay for this stuff, and have less time for the real meaning of life. Including time to help draft a new curriculum for our schools.

But what do I know? I am an old guy, that has lived in difficult times, but also see the last several decades of this country has become wealthy. But we could stand before an era that the younger generation has not experienced. Be responsible with the blessings that you have.


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