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Open letter to Good Samaritan Society VP

Posted on June 29, 2016 by Taber Times

Mr. Julius Van Wyk,

I sent you an email a few days ago and I am happy that you took time to reply. I read it very carefully, in fact I read it a few times, and I would like to reply. I was especially pleased when I read that you appreciate local services, but then I went on to read, quote:

“However, we need to look at positioning our organizations to manage complex care demands with sustainability and technology, supporting G.S.S residents and staff into the future”.

End of quote. Read again.

You also mention supportive living, long term care, medication accuracy and other fancy saying such as staff processes, management training, etc, etc. That then took me to conclude that after five years of the residents’ medication being supplied by a local pharmacy here in Taber, you now say although you appreciate the local services you also say, quote “manage complex care of the residents of Linden view with sustainability and technology, supporting G.S.S residents and staff into the future”, end of quote.

I think that more transparency, perhaps the real truth behind this decision, rather then the non-answer that was given to me would be more appreciated, as my wife of 62 years is one of the residents whom you will put at risk with this decision.

I would like to say I was not able to get a university degree. I was just a farmer, but I have lived and experienced and I got to know when we are being taken advantage of.

Sir, I feel that someone, somewhere, is benefiting from this decision, but sadly it will not be the residents of Linden view.

If you can prove to me that the personal relationship and the personal consultation that we have enjoyed up to now, is in some way not to the residents’ best interest, then please enlighten me because I can not see how an impartial, central location has any idea what our residents need. Sadly, in the many years that my wife has been here at Linden view, we have seen changes. Some of those were not improvements, and this change, if it happens, looks to be one more blow against the Good Samaritan Society.


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