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Celebrate young families and the role of parenting

Posted on June 15, 2016 by Taber Times

In this time and age when we talk about issues as trying to figure out who we are, and in cases even encourage children, who have not yet reached adulthood, to decide what gender he or she wants to be, because maybe they are unhappy, the result could have sad consequences that they may regret the rest of their lives.

To help parenting we need to talk about the question, what is a “human conscience.” Webster’s Dictionary tells us that it is a judgement between right and wrong.

In the case of Hitler, who did not have a moral compass, that judgement totally fell apart. The biblical view is that God created that conscience. That conscience of right or wrong is driven by some basic, God-given principle. An example is the well-known 10 commandments, also that conscience slowly develops from birth to adulthood. But even for a bible-believing Christian adult, even when the conscience gives the warning signal, we at times ignore the signal. And that is were repentance comes in.

And no, I don’t belittle the challenges a person with same-sex attraction, or with hyper hetero-sexual drives, has. We need to walk beside them, we often have a lack of compassion.

Now about parenting, moms or dads, or single parents, loving, caring, guiding, perhaps with help from other sources. I remember so well bringing our first baby home from the hospital after a difficult delivery, with four more following. What a joy, also what a responsibility. Parenting, helping to mold children for a life of mountain tops and valley experiences.

Moms and dads deserve so much, this Mother’s and Fathers Day’s. Thank you mom and dad, you are in the process of molding the building blocks for a solid society. So remember, when you meet a mom or dad with some little ones, remember they have the most important profession in the world. Of course there will be challenges along the way, but with God’s help they can be overcome. Also what is so important is that we all need to have patience and compassion. Our Canadian society is a melting pot with many different backgrounds and customs.

To help us all to understand the meaning of life, I urge you to Google “Rory Feek, This Life I Live.”


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