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Everywhere you look, you see the kindness of Taber

Posted on June 1, 2016 by Taber Times

Given the downturn in the economy in North America this past year, one could not blame an overriding mindset of every-man-for-himself when its comes to fiscal survival.

Wages have stagnated in recent years, if not been totally lost from a layoff.

Living from paycheque to paycheque, while once considered the most meagre of lifestyles in First World North America is now considered a luxury by many, who are seeing their bills build faster upward as their bank accounts spiral downward.

But it is in these darkest times you see the brightest lights, and Taber has been a beacon of brightness in recent months.

Fort McMurray is devastated by fire and our local fire department answers the call with a boot drive in which Taberites gave financially what they had for people in even tougher circumstances than themselves.

The campaign even inspired a local youth to set up a lemonade stand to quench the thirst of giving for those Fort McMurray victims.

Double-digit organizations in Taber have put their personal objectives aside to serve just one in Taber Cares, and help out with a spaghetti supper fundraiser later this month for those same Fort McMurray fire victims.

A handful of Taberites, concerned to see that their friend and town councillor Jack Brewin had been unsuccessful time and time again in finding a match for his need of a liver transplant organized a social media campaign that saw him get a match within a month.

Turn the clock a little while back, where the Taber Food Bank was in danger of having to close its doors due to financial predicaments, only to have Taberites rally behind it and give it a nest egg it hadn’t seen in decades.

With the food bank seeing an increase of 70 per cent in its use because of the recent recession, if one were a betting man, one would do well to wager Taberites will once again answer the call at next week’s Stuff-a-Bus campaign.

The upcoming Paul and Bernice Giroux ‘We Have Not Forgotten’ Memorial Golf Tournament which goes this Saturday at the Taber Golf Club as seen near record donations by businesses for auction items according to organizers despite the downturn in the economy.

While numbers are down overall for golfers, there are still many signing up for it with money going towards a victim crisis fund, although golfers could of used the money easily for one more grocery bill for themselves in these tough times.

It is much more a sacrifice when you give a dime when all you can afford is a nickel, than when you give a dollar and you can easily give 10 times that.

Despite these tough times, Taberites have proven over and over again, that when the going gets tough, Taberites are there for each other to soften the blow.

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