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Questions on bin system

Posted on May 25, 2016 by Taber Times

My new bins appear to be a wonderful idea. But what if:

1. IF I put “wet” compostable material into the bin. I am expected to wash the bin out onto my back lane. As time goes on, the stench will be unbearable and the flies will love it there.

2. IF we get a foot of snow, I will be expected to “wheel” the bins out to the lane. I may be disabled.

3. IF we have contents in the bins, but decide to take a two or three week vacation, who will take the bins to the lane? If no one does, can you visualize what the contents will be like when we return from vacation?

4. IF collection is for all three bins, and your trucks only pick up one side of the lane and only one bin at a time, that requires your truck to make six, yes six, trips down every lane! You have sure saved the environment by saving fuel!

5. IF, as aging seniors still living in our own home, how long can we be expected to be able to “wheel” carts out to the lane?

6. IF my lawn clippings along with other compostable material overflow my bin, where should I put the overflow for pickup?

7. IF I have furniture or appliances that I have replaced but are still functional, can I put these items on my front sidewalk with a “FREE” sign attached? I don’t own a truck.

8. IF I put “everything” that I would otherwise put into the “recyclable” bin or the “compostable” bin into the “garbage” bin, will that be acceptable?

9. IF weather or somebody maliciously tips my bins over after they are set out for pickup, and the contents fall out, who will be responsible for the cleanup?

Just curious.


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