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Resident opposed to Moffatt suspension

Posted on May 11, 2016 by Taber Times

Regarding the suspension of a Town employee for a comment made about the Fort McMurray disaster being ‘karmic’.

While I agree the comment was in poor taste and probably even stupid I think our town council should tread lightly. I hope after consideration they realize the comment made, though offensive to many was an opinion expressed as an individual and not as a Town representative. Whether right or wrong we each have the right to opinions.

The job of Council is to mind the business affairs of the Town, not to censor the thoughts and opinions of its employees.

And while it may be argued the opinion expressed may damage the reputation of the Town the comment in question was quickly removed and an apology made.

Our society has begun slipping down a politically correct slope where we trumpet freedom of speech and ideas but clamp down on any speech or idea that differs from accepted norms. In an intelligent society bad ideas should weed themselves out (as was evidenced in this case by a public backlash and quick retraction).

That should have been the end of the matter. If government at any level begins meting suspensions for ideas and comments it considers stupid or in poor taste very few of us including myself would spend much time working.

Let he who is without sin, as the saying goes, cast the first stone. An apology was made. Let the matter rest with that.

Brian Pauls

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