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Canadians disgusted by Moffatt tweet

Posted on May 11, 2016 by Taber Times

Like many Canadians our family sadly watched news reports on the devastation of Fort McMurray, Alberta. Despite the polarizing nature of the oil industry, Fort McMurray is a hard working city that brings people together from all over our great country looking for opportunity to provide a better life for their families.

And like many Canadians we hope to help stem the misery and assist in the forthcoming rebuild of Fort McMurray, being from Ontario we can only offer our support through the Red Cross at this time.

Our reaction turned to anger and outrage when we read reports that one of Taber’s employees, Tom Moffatt, tweeted an inappropriate and politically motivated comment at the expense of Fort McMurray’s suffering.

Mr. Moffatt’s comments are inexcusable and do not reflect the nature of Canadians helping others when they are down. As a senior town official Mr. Moffatt’s comments damage the integrity of Taber, Alberta.

Mr. Moffatt needed to be mindful that the internet has a great power and he should have used discretion in exercising his right to do so, unfortunately he did not, and his actions are grounds for dismissal.

I trust and hope Mr. Moffatt’s comments are not shared by the people and town council of Taber, Alberta.

Lance McGovern
Newmarket, Ontario


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