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Questions still remain with M.D. fire service

Posted on March 23, 2016 by Taber Times

Fire Service. Does anybody know what level of service they provide to the M.D. of Taber residents and people passing through our town? We should all start asking because it’s about to disappear. The M.D. won’t give the residents of Taber any info at all in the papers so, here are all the questions that I think we should be asking:

Why won’t they give residents any answers? I deserve to know what level of service they will be providing for us. After all, it is people’s lives we are dealing with aren’t we? The only thing that I’ve heard them talk about is money. And that’s all. I will tell you from personal experience, that when it comes to life and death, the last thing you’ll be concerned about is how much the care you are receiving, or not receiving, cost. They will be taking away a full department of fully trained, selfless, educated, compassionate and family orientated volunteers that have served this community for many years, and sacrificed huge amounts of their own family time, for all brand new volunteers that have never seen anything. Ever. The M.D. says that Taber, trains too much. How will you ever get THIS level of service if they don’t?

That’s what they are providing you. How can you train too much for a job that can kill you? Where do the new volunteers come from? Recruitment is always an issue for every dept. What will be the response time to accidents and fires? Pretty big deal when your home is burning to the ground. Will they then go in to save it? Ask that question. The MD says they have Fire Dept.’s in Hays, Grassy Lake and Enchant, and they do. Altogether, that’s a population of roughly 1200 people in those communities, all spread apart. Taber has over 8000 residents just in the town? Every day we have, passing through and around Taber on the two main highways, roughly 13,960 people daily. That’s not including all the other secondary highways. There is no comparison to what Taber and area deals with, as to what those other Hamlets deal with at all. That’s just ridiculous.

For me, it would be different if we needed another Fire Dept. because the one we have now is lacking. It is not at all. The wedge that is between the M.D. and town will carry through the fire departments. They made their mind up a long time ago, with no care of the citizen’s lives. Building is already rented, renovation’s being done, no people yet to serve the community and who will pull you out of your wreck on the highway, is what we need to ask. I wish us all luck because we are going to need it.


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