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U.N. needs different priorities

Posted on January 6, 2016 by Taber Times

From the management of the United Nations, To God, excuse me, not really sure which God, but this letter is important, we are sure that the right one will listen.

God we want to update you as to what is happening on the Earth. Yes God, we realize that in the past this world was a mess. The terrible loss of life in World Wars One and Two. But now we are working hard to make the world a better place. And we make sure that our member Nations follow through with our vision. One of our goals is to restrict population growth, we cannot really make people responsible for their own actions, but we must make sure that they all have the means to prevent unwanted births, and of course safe abortion clinics. We at United Nations must make sure, that we don’t over crowd this Earth, living conditioning would become too difficult. Yes God it took us some time to make people more agreeable, we now even have several churches on board. No, not so much that church members are all in favour, but many are mostly asleep.

And now God, we as U.N. are starting a somewhat new religion called “Global Warming”, and it seems that even the leadership of several denominations are on board. Yes God, we want to inform you, not to worry. The mighty U.N. made a commitment to a minimum temperature increase of only two degrees. Is that not wonderful? We are not really sure what happened before, what brought on the former ice age, but it must have been Human action of some sort. So now that the decision is made to keep us from overheating and flooding. Now we need to focus on other issues, perhaps issues like ISIS, Syria, Iraq, and perhaps if the persecutions of Christians get totally out of control, maybe we as world leaders should take a look at that as well. So God now you know that we are in charge of the world, so don’t worry.

Sincerely the United Nations of the World.


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