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My question, change to what?

Posted on October 28, 2015 by Taber Times

Sixty six years ago my family and I left our war-weary country Holland, and became citizens of this awesome country. Yes we were very poor, but did not realize it. We always had enough food on the table, and a roof over our heads. And we were brought up with a strong work ethic, and yes we were blessed.

But now about 66 years later, a time of one generation, we have seen many changes. Our Canadian Constitution is based on the Judeo-Christian philosophy of life and the biblical commandments. The family unit, Mom, Dad and children were an important building block of Canadian society, parents responsible, not government, in teaching the next generation. Taking responsibility is a life-long process, but if it is not drilled into us at an early age, we will never learn. Be responsible for our own decisions, not so much today.

As an example, our society now sues the tobacco companies, granted a bad product, but a legal product, for millions, why because I started smoking and now can’t quit. Is marijuana next? Make it legal, that will solve the problem. What about endless violent movies? Then we wonder why our society becomes violent. Canada to its shame has an open abortion policy. Our new PM supports unlimited abortion up to birth. Let me ask you a question, what does that tell us about the soul of our Nation, that 40 percent of Canadians voted for the man that took away the choice of conviction for those who would seek the nomination to become MP for the Liberal Party of Canada. What is happening to us? Is it because we are losing our faith in God?

Why is the Western world somewhat closing their eyes to Christians being persecuted, even beheaded in several countries of the world? How is it that sports palaces are being built costing billions, yet the soup kitchens are overrun by the needy? Why do we create a few millionaires, mostly on the backs of people who really can’t afford the lottery tickets?

How is it that 66 years ago, we were satisfied, with our family of nine in an 800-foot home? Why do we need now 3,000 for four people? Has the wealth of Canada produced less problems, less violence?

A question, is a society more likely to collapse under the weight of wealth or the weight of poverty?

History has proven the latter. So I as a Christian with so many flaws and shortcomings, I read the story of the farewell speech of Israel’s Faithful Leader Joshua. He said to the people in his farewell speech, as for me and my house we will serve the Lord, and the people chanted so will we. And we know the story; God blessed them, yet it did not take that long for them to take credit for their wealth for themselves, and became greedy.

However, as a Canadian living in Taber, I am very grateful for the many blessings that we still enjoy. We are free to worship, we have a choice to send our children to the school of the parent’s choice. We are thankful for the sports and recreation facilities, health care, senior care homes and a democratic right to elect local, provincial and federal representatives. Also so proud to see so many volunteers in all the above organizations. And above all, to God for the freedom we have.

One last question; have you read a good true story lately? Then check on the fifth book of the Bible Deuteronomy chapter eight, you may be surprised.


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