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Reader appalled by HSD Lord’s Prayer decision

Posted on May 27, 2015 by Taber Times

I am appalled to see that the issue of prayer at Dr. Hamman has reared its ugly head again. It seems many people who support this are under the misapprehension that the majority (Christians who want to pray) are in danger of losing their rights. They have always had the right to pray at will. A child who says the Lord’s Prayer, or any other prayer in fact, will never be berated, forced to stop, or forced to stand in the hallway as punishment. The ONLY thing this ruling is intended to accomplish is to force all children to pray or be punished.

The other misapprehension is that rights guaranteed in Canada’s Bill of Rights are a votable issue. Those that think majority votes override these rights should stop and think for a moment. Turn it around. Imagine you are not the majority. The demographic has changed and now Islam is the dominant religion. Your child must now get on their knees and recite Muslim prayers four times a day, or be forced to stand out in the hall where the bad kids are sent. They will be ridiculed and told they are going to hell because they want to pray in the “wrong” religion. They will be known for the rest of their school days as the weird kid. Or would you rather your child had the right to say a Christian prayer without fear of retribution? Well, I think so but apparently that’s just me.

It was suggested to the school board that a reasonable alternative would be to provide a place for those who want to pray to gather a few minutes before school starts and say the Lord’s Prayer. Those who wish to pray could do so and those who do not wish to would not be bullied into participation. The teachers could be teachers and not preachers. Reasonable and showing respect for all students and staff, no? Well, no. Apparently not in the Horizon School Division. They instead institute a policy, that while legally allowable, shows utter contempt for the diversity of their staff and students, and an utter lack of respect for anything other than the Christian viewpoint.

For shame.


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