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Standards bylaw applauded

Posted on April 1, 2015 by Taber Times

I for one deplore having to hear others use vulgar and disgusting vocabulary. It is not necessary, nor appreciated.

What gives the Neanderthals the right to expose other persons to their despicable vulgar vocabulary?
I have the right to go to a restaurant, mall, or any other public establishment, without hearing sewage pour out of other person’s mouths .

Please do not give me the “Freedom of Speech” lecture, as others misinterpret it to suit their own means. Perhaps one should speak to a W.W. II veteran and ask them why they put their LIVES on the line, every day for four to five years in regards to Freedom of Speech. Do you honestly think anyone will say… “I fought in the War so that others can use vulgar vocabulary whenever, wherever, and as often as they choose?”

The Freedom of Speech that I was taught by a veteran was: So that fellow Canadians have the right to print an article in a newspaper expressing their views and opinions or write a book etc., without the fear of being persecuted, incarcerated, or shot. This can be achieved without slanderous, vulgar vocabulary.

There are rules and regulations in society, that we all have to abide by. One does not go to work, school, nor go into a court of law, speaking the “F” Word and other profanities, so please enlighten me, as to why it is acceptable in other public areas?

No, I’m not an old fuddy duddy, nor a prude, I have had my share of cuss words, but I do not take it to the streets, public areas, in front of elderly people, children, or mixed company! Believe it or not, I’m able to complete two sentences without the ” F-Bomb”, or other profanity, in every second or third word! Will wonders ever cease?

So yes, I’m 110 per cent in favour of people being fined for the use of profanity, as it is out of control, and like an epidemic all across Canada. (I’m ashamed to admit ) Like all epidemics, it is very much overdue to put a stop, or at least a deterrent, to those feeling the need to use profanity.

So instead of snickering and jeering at the good people of Taber for wanting to clean up their town of this vulgar virus, and asking them to justify their actions, it is the Potty Mouths that should have to justify their reasons/excuses of sewage coming from their mouths.

We as human beings, are suppose to be more intelligent, be civilized, and part of society, that goes hand in hand with respecting for yourself and others, manners, common decency, and law-biding citizens.


2 Responses to “Standards bylaw applauded”

  1. JohnHutchinson says:

    “There are rules and regulations in society, that we all have to abide by.”

    The illogic of your position is quite telling. You presume that the rules and regulations that you go by and existed from generations past are still the same. They are not. And therefore if the zeitgeist of this era suggests that certain ideas are no longer to be expressed publicly (think Christianity, anti-abortion, etc), you have given your adversaries moral sanction to also fine and debilitate such expressions from occurring. This is no longer a theoretical.

    The problem with such bylaws is that justice requires the scrupulous execution of such laws (3-person assembly, speech), which would result in psychosocial oppression of the kind that existed in holier-than-god 19th Century Methodist moralism and caused a counter-reaction.

    Contrariwise, the discretionary use of such laws become a means to punish social outcasts while wink-wink leaving the ‘good’ Taberites alone. Extreme discretion is a return to rule by the caprice of men and away from rule of men.

    John Hutchinson

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