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Education needed for behaviour instead of bylaw

Posted on March 18, 2015 by Taber Times

I felt compelled to write to you after hearing about the new no swearing law in Taber.

Creating laws to change human behavior is crazy in my opinion, instead why don’t you try education.
Nelson Mandela said “knowledge is power” and I agree. Making it criminal to swear is only the first step in a slippery slope. What’s next, burning of books they don’t believe in or making it illegal to dance in town?

What constitutes a swear word? Is it the actual words? The acronym? The context in which the word is spoken? Is the meaning literal or is it figurative? To the council members that passed this law you can fornicate uncarnal knowledge off. Are these the actual words that the acronym stands? I don’t know, there is no decisive agreement on the origin and there are many versions, but I doubt any council members were educated on this before they voted. Maybe the whole intent of the law was to get people talking about Taber, if that was the intent then Kudos to you, because you got my attention.


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