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Something seriously wrong with political system

Posted on December 23, 2014 by Taber Times


My name is Joerg Klempnauer and I live with my wife Petra, in Vauxhall. We own a business in Vauxhall.

I have never been a party member anywhere, but the way the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta operated our provincial government, left me no choice but to join the Wildrose Party in 2013. Now, with many of the elected Wildrose Alberta Members of the Legislative Assembly jumping ship to the PCs like there is no tomorrow, I am nipped in the behind again.

Several issues become obvious:

1. If elected for party ‘A’, a so-elected Member of the Legislative Assembly should not be able to switch over to any other party, but has to sit as an independent or call a by-election in his electoral riding.

2. No party should be allowed to have majority in the Legislature, but a maximum of 49 per cent.

3. A minimum of three parties should form the Legislature.

I feel betrayed by the Member of the Legislative Assembly, which I helped to elect, switching from my (and many other voters) direction. I am deeply disappointed by thus elected representatives of the people that I am missing to see that our electoral process is any better than dictatorship.

The people are the government and all elected people have to give the seat back if they cannot fulfill what the elector told them to do.

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