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Working at care facility not an easy task

Posted on December 10, 2014 by Taber Times

I found the article on Linden View to be very interesting.

You have a group of ex-employees who were held accountable to do their job and rather than accept responsibility they took “the easy way out” and right away claim they are bullied and/or harassed. Take some ownership with the problems and when you move on be a part of the solution.

Ex and current family members again you will notice a theme, what solutions did you bring forward or did you have any? Again, let’s be realistic if someone urinates, soils themselves, some will get changed right away and unfortunately some will have to wait as there will be other things that come up in a shift that might be more urgent. You complain a lot about the care, food etc.

But yet you kept your loved ones at the Linden View for extensive periods of time, so it either wasn’t that bad or if it truly was bad then shame on you for keeping them there, you have choices and made choices to keep family at Linden View.

Now to Mr. Bikman, you are correct it does come down to systems and things being broken and not broken. So you do understand Linden View received 100 per cent compliance on all their standards, etc. I guess that just happens by luck? No it doesn’t, it happens by hard work of the managers and the positive employees that want to make a difference. I am not sure what gives you the right to say the system is broken after listening to ex-employees and attending Linden View on only one occasion.

As you said yourself, the right people need to be on the bus. Maybe consider that next time before you decide to hear one side of a story — shame on you.

I am disappointed that in the article, people discussed lack of staff. Get educated, unemployment is around three per cent in the Lethbridge-Medicine Hat area.

News flash, there is a labour shortage.

Finally I would just like to say two more things:

1. So Ms. Day you claim harasses and is a bully. So your little witch hunt you all just had makes you no better, all you, are bullies and harassers.

Hey I can take the easy way out just like you all of have done. Maybe get everyone together next time and have a healthy discussion and come up with solutions to move the business forward.

2. Or Mr. Bikman, ex-employees and family members, I suggest go to the bank and ask for a size-able loan and run your own senior’s facility as it would appear you have all the knowledge/answers, if you think it is so easy to run and manage.

Remember those soiled diapers/clothing have to be changed immediately, don’t forget to make sure all your people are trained, make sure you have all the right staffing levels, meet your budgets, meet all your safety standards, compliance audits etc, make sure every meal is outstanding, housekeeping must be perfect, make sure all the residents are happy, make sure all family members are happy and all employees must be kept happy at all times too.


One response to “Working at care facility not an easy task”

  1. JohnsonLive says:

    This post is absolutely ridiculous!

    first of all, an extended care facility is required to assist tenants who soil themselves right away. It becomes a health concern almost immediately and not tending to it when you are an employee in this kind of facility is exactly what got this “manager” into this mess.

    Secondly, the facility wasn’t the problem, it was infact the way that it was run, and when you are the manager of an establishment such as this, it is imperative that it is done properly and by people who are capable of handling it, which this manager was not.

    Let’s be honest here, this women (DAY) has thrown fits, had child-like tantrums who bullied and harassed people to the point where they were forced to leave and the evidence of it is substantial and whether you agree with it or not, it happened. Chasing someone out of the facility because they had cancer is discrimination and her behaviour was borderline ASPD. She was 30, going on 12 and it’s about time someone stepped up and said something and held her accountable for her actions (or in some cases lack-there-of).

    Things there were getting ridiculous, but to call the victims of this kind of abuse “bullies themselves” lead me to believe that you don’t really have a clue as to what you are talking about. When you are charged with being responsible for the well beings of one or more people, you better be damned sure you are capable of doing it properly. Being qualified for a position does not always translate into being able to actually do it, and this is just one more of those examples.

    Also, on a completely unrelated note, if ever there comes a time when you want to post something in the media to your defence, don’t use the name of your boyfriend or girlfriend because it’s just sad.

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