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Reader feels criticism of Linden View unjust

Posted on December 10, 2014 by Taber Times


What was done to Linden View in The Taber Times is just awful and should have been handled properly.

Anyone that was at this meeting was completely screened if they talked to you and you did not agree you were not told what they intended to do. If you said what they wanted you were asked to attend the meeting — so unfair.

In regards to poor food, I do not care what you cook, you will never please everyone. When you make a meal at home, do you say to your family today I’m cooking this for lunch, but if you don’t want it, I will also make this as your second choice? I don’t think so.

When it comes to our loved one’s rooms being clean, how do you expect a cleaning girl to go through your loved one’s belongings and say this is junk and throw it away — maybe it’s precious to her. Only family can do this. If they pull out all of the furniture and clean behind and dust and happen to break something, then what is that their fault too? Let’s be realistic and try to work together.

Can we honestly say we can prove why our loved ones decline? I believe only God knows that.
Yes, I have witnessed residents in dining who need changed. I go to the first nurse I see and tell them, and they always go right away and thank me for telling them. Is this not a nicer way of doing things? Again, work together, don’t be so quick to judge.

Yes, I can also tell a difference in my mom by who is working, but by doing this witch hunt it is only the good ones you are going to hurt because the bad ones do not care.

I also brought to attention that one girl was completely high or on something, she was spinning around very inappropriate, but I took my concerns to Michelle (Day, site manager), not to the whole world.

Michelle (Day) has a very hard job here and a million people to please. I believe she’s trying her best, as the saying goes, walk a mile in my shoes.

To all the ones who are trying their best, hold your heads high and be proud, and the ones that are sluffing, pull up your socks.

Please work together, families and workers, and don’t be so quick to do something like this.


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