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More information needed for Linden View

Posted on December 10, 2014 by Taber Times

Linden View Care Concerns Voiced, Dec. 3, 2014 issue of the Taber Times:

WOW!!! I was totally disappointed and taken back that MLA for Cardston-Taber-Warner Gary Bikman would take it upon himself to play judge and jury of seniors facilities in Alberta.

I cannot in good conscience allow his remarks in condemnation of the Linden View and other seniors facilities go unchallenged.

In my opinion, his addle-mindedness gives precedence over professional protocol which being an MLA should dictate.

I’m sure, Mr. Bikman would agree that a process exists that one is innocent until proven guilty. In my opinion, you sir (Gary Bikman), have overstepped the boundaries of your office and position by suggesting to the people of Alberta, through the media that a person can circumvent process and procedures and besmirch anyone’s good name, honesty and integrity through questionable means of enlightenment.

My suggestion to you Mr. Bikman is to apologize to all those who your remarks have negatively impacted.

Perhaps the next time a situation of the same should arise, and a promise of queries of allegations is to be made, you would consider expressing your opinions through the media at a later date by firstly obtaining all pertinent information to help you make reasonable and justified conclusions.

Former supporter of the Wildrose Party

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