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Fake trees can offer holiday stress relief

Posted on December 3, 2014 by Taber Times

Editor’s Note: In the Dec. 3 print edition of The Taber Times, the headline for this editorial was erroneously printed as “Fake trees can offer holiday stress”. The headline should have read “Fake Trees can offer holiday stress relief”. The Times apologizes for any confusion.

With all the stress of the holidays; last minute shopping, travelling to different places and getting all those decorations put around the house, a Christmas tree should be the least of one’s worries… if it’s a fake one. Not only are fake Christmas trees less stress, but they last longer too.

Instead of going out in the freezing cold with your family or loved ones to buy a tree or cut one down, you could drive in your car instead and buy a boxed tree, easy to assemble and not too bad for money either. Not only is an artificial tree easier to transport, but it makes a lot less mess too. Once you get the real tree into your home or apartment, getting it in is only half the battle, then you have to put it in the tree stand, water it and hope that not too many pine needles fall off onto the ground. Once they do, which they definitely will, a vacuum is an absolute necessity. Once the vacuuming is done, then putting a massive, real tree in the proper place is tough, as they take up quite a lot of room.

With fake Christmas trees, water and a vacuum isn’t needed whatsoever. If you’re young celebrating your first Christmas with your loved one, it’s a much easier option, as you can save it as a memory for the next year and many years after, as its easy to store and will last a long time. Artificial trees also work if you’re older and aren’t able to either go cut down your own or lift one onto your car and off. It’s a much easier process and you can get your ornaments and decorations at the same time, as they are both in the store in one section for Christmas.

Another big benefit with the artificial tree is that you can usually move the branches around so that you can place ornaments where you want them. On real trees, they are as they are, and you may have to take twice as long to put them on, as they are usually bigger than most fake ones.

Overall, less work on the holidays is a good thing, and artificial trees are more beneficial in the long run as they can be stored with the other Christmas decorations and can last to the next year without a hassle.

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