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Drug message needs attentive ears to listen

Posted on December 17, 2013 by Taber Times

To say the turnout at the recent information night co-hosted by the Taber Police Service and Taber Community Against Drugs earlier this month at W.R. Myers was a disappointment would be an understatement.

To be fair, weather and various events going on the same night conspired against parents attending the event, which saw a presentation for those concerned of drugs that have surfaced in the Taber area and the vigilance that is needed of others that may come if a stern watch does not continue. But, given the spread organizers gave to the event of beverages and goodies, and the seating that was made available, they certainly expected a better turnout.

A string of recent drug incidences in schools is what spurred the Taber Police Service and TCAD into action that perhaps another information session was needed to keep concerned citizens abreast of drugs that have been making their way into Taber and surrounding areas and what the police service and local social services are doing to combat the problem.

But, apparently there is not much concern out there among the public, and that is perhaps troubling.

Given the white elephant in the room of how much the Taber Police Service costs the town in its yearly budget, the police service is sometimes unfairly attacked on if indeed the taxpayer is getting bang for its buck in keeping our streets safe.

Perhaps at times that scrutiny is warranted, but this is not one of them in the Taber Police Service trying to take a proactive approach in informing parents and concerned citizens of drug trends that are emerging in the community.

Better that the vigilance be now than sitting by idly to the possibility that it becomes an epidemic. The long-term damage to families, individuals and costs to social and police services is far greater than if the community were to take a proactive role now.

Everyone is busy, there is no denying that. But simply more parents needed to take an interest in the information night that was held earlier this month. Interests have to go past simply your child’s sporting or musical interest, but your child’s very health as well.

No one ever thinks their child will get into illegal drugs — until they do.

Just a handful more parents could have then spread the word to their respective neighbourhoods.

And as Taber Police Service has stressed, it is not merely a law enforcement role they want to take in in the ‘War Against Drugs’ but a health-based one as well in getting people the help they need.

Given the multiple drugs the Taber Police Service touched on in the presentation, it was far too large to put into the Taber Times in one article and so it will be made into a multi-part series to inform the public.

If that information night or any one of these articles can steer even one family to a better path it will have been well worth the effort.

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