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Alberta deserves a summer gas tax cut

Posted on July 11, 2024

Thousands of people are hoping to hit the open road this summer and head to Drumheller to see the dinosaurs or to the Western Development… Read More »

Time to end taxpayer-funded bonuses for failure

Posted on July 5, 2024

Welcome to Ottawa, A.K.A the land of limitless bonuses, where taxpayer cash is plentiful and no failure is left unrewarded. The feds dished out $406… Read More »

Internet bills should itemize Justin Trudeau’s new streaming tax

Posted on June 28, 2024

If streaming services want to fight back against the Trudeau government’s new streaming tax, which will cost them five per cent of their revenue each… Read More »

Global petroleum consumption surges, defying energy transition efforts

Posted on June 6, 2024

A data gift arrived in our inboxes the other day. The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) just released an update on all things energy-related. The… Read More »

Canada’s economic backbone is facing yet another crisis

Posted on May 31, 2024

In a country as vast and resource-rich as Canada, one would expect logistics – a critical backbone of our economy – to be a priority.… Read More »

Four years after COVID-19, women are still struggling to recover

Posted on May 23, 2024

The COVID-19 pandemic that swept the globe in 2020 not only threatened people’s health but exposed and exacerbated entrenched inequalities. Women bore the brunt. Millions… Read More »

Why a capital gains tax on the rich makes sense

Posted on May 9, 2024

Ever since we’ve been publishing an annual report on CEO pay in Canada, I’ve had a bone to pick: CEOs and the rich generally get… Read More »

Food insecurity in Canada at a crisis stage

Posted on May 2, 2024

There are various metrics to assess a nation’s wealth, and one telling indicator is the proportion of disposable income that its citizens spend on food.… Read More »

Say it ain’t so! Politician reports faltering trust in the media

Posted on April 25, 2024

In his most recent newsletter, Martin Shields, MP for southern Alberta’s Bow River riding, delivered a blunt assessment of the deteriorating quality of life in… Read More »

Legislating for fairness often results in unforeseen consequences

Posted on April 18, 2024

In democracies such as Canada and the United States, leaders and governments have to be responsive to the needs and wants of the people who… Read More »

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