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From the Archives of Western Newspapers

Posted on April 25, 2024 by Taber Times

By Samantha Johnson
For Southern Alberta Newspapers

April 25, 1888 – The Calgary Weekly Herald

In Winnipeg, the sensational Union Bank robbery will be ventilated in police court this morning with the three prisoners brought up. Billy Cameron has been offered indemnity by the Attorney-General if he returns to give evidence against the other three and it’s believed he will. Cameron, a 22 year old former bank clerk, often boasted he would leave the bank and bankers behind. Last Friday, he liquidated several outstanding accounts, paid up some trifling loans, settled his whiskey bills and then collected late creditors for a farewell jamboree, where he claimed to be leaving town with $40,000. Hiring a team and driver, Cameron strapped his goods and chattels behind the buggy and told the driver to head for the boundary as fast as the team could travel.

Diamond, one of the accomplices to Cameron in the robbery, was acquitted and is now threatening a $50,000 lawsuit against the bank for false arrest.

Nine street urchins, all well known to police, were rounded up by detectives in Toronto following a series of robberies on several merchants. Several of the boys were wearing the clothing or had on their person some of the stolen articles.

April 24, 1906 – The News (Red Deer)

Around Alberta prairie fires are doing much damage around Olds, sparks from a locomotive burned 500 tons of hay near Lacombe, the Lethbridge News is celebrating 20 years of publication, Edmonton City Council footed the $1,200 deficit for last year’s exhibition, the CNR struck water 150 feet deep at Vermillion.

The record of driving from Red Deer to Evarts has been considerably lowered by one of our locals to 14 hours.

Mrs. Lindberg, who is up for charges of horse stealing, was before the magistrate on April 12 and 19 and has been sent to prison to await trial.

The capital question comes up in the legislature and Red Deer is putting up a noble fight and should win on her merits but there are signs of sinister and unfair influences at work that make the result dubious.

April 20, 1916 – Alderson News

A note has been issued from the military governor of Bologna warning inhabitants along the Adriatic coast about infected sweets being dropped by Austrian aviators. In mid-February, it was noticed enemy aeroplanes at Ravenna and Codigoro dropped small packages containing the sweets.

Milton McMillan, wealthy sailor of fortune, claims he has positive knowledge about a cache of treasure in the North Atlantic near the Canadian coast. He is preparing an expedition by sea to hunt for the gold with the aged navigator Captain Ward along with two wealthy citizens from Los Angeles.

The council is to be commended for clearing the vacant space on Railway Street of weeds. The Reeve along with several volunteers completed the work last week. The blazing pile of thistles was an exhibition that put the burning of Rome off the stage.

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