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From the Archives of Western Newspapers

Posted on December 24, 2023 by Taber Times

By Samantha Johnson
Southern Alberta Newspapers
Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

December 16, 1886 – Qu’Appelle Progress

Montgomery, Alabama received ten inches of snow this past week.

It appears as though an organized attempt is being made by a syndicate of newspapers on this side of the line to bring Canadian institutions into disrepute by the employment of a colossal liar in Ottawa. During the past four weeks, a more than unusual number of scandalous stories have emanated from this source. They have appeared in Boston, Chicago, New York and St. Paul papers, causing not a little indignation amongst our neighbours.

We would caution the parties who steal packing cases from the rear of The Progress office that the hand of the law may be invoked to protect our property.

December 19, 1910 – The
Edmonton Capital

Captain Robertson ran Grand Trunk Pacific’s new steamer Prince George onto the rock bar near Prospect Point at the entrance to Vancouver at 8:30 a.m. this morning. There was a dense fog when the vessel struck, but the captain managed to get her off within a half hour when the tide was at its highest. At 10 a.m. the liner was still aground with the tug Fearless standing by and it’s feared Prince George will be high and dry by low tide at 3 p.m. with a danger of her tipping over. There were about 40 passengers on board with no injuries reported.

In New York a double explosion of gas and dynamite has killed 12 and injured 30 at a new electrical powerhouse of the New York Central Railroad. The force of the explosion shattered windows in hotels and apartment buildings in the vicinity. A trolley car was lifted up and sent crashing down on an automobile passing by, killing four passengers on the trolley and injuring all in the vehicle.

The birth of a child to King George and Queen Mary is expected in March. This will be the first child to be born in Buckingham Palace in 54 years.

London police have unearthed a gang of international thieves who planned to rob a jewellery store. The burglars were tunnelling underneath the vault when discovered and captured, with two police officers killed during the ensuing battle before the gang was over-powered.

December 16, 1915 – The Alderson News

The president of the Canadian Press Association and chairman of the weekly section of that organization made a tour of the west to discuss with publishers of weekly papers the increase of subscriptions from $1 to $1.50 per year. The increase is to compensate for increased costs along with a decrease in the volume of advertising. As it’s impossible for any publisher to produce a paper for $1 a year, or $1.50 for that matter, it seems reasonable to request the reader share more of the cost of production rather than having the burden fall solely on the advertiser.

The Kettle Valley Railway has almost completed construction through the Hope Mountains in BC and have chosen to name all the stations after well-known Shakespeare characters. Just north of Coquihalla River Canyon is Othello station, another is Lear, a third Jessica, then Portia, Iago, followed by Romeo who is eternally separated from Juliet further down the line by Coquihalla Summit, which is 3,300 above sea level and unlikely to be removed by anything short of an earthquake.

Sgt. A. Berry wrote home recently about a wounded man on the German parapet who had been there from Saturday when the charge was made until dinner Monday. One of his officers shouted out in German asking the other side if the man could be retrieved. The Germans shouted back, giving them five minutes to bring in their wounded. An officer and a man went out with a stretcher and brought him in, passing another soldier nearly covered with earth so two more went out and got him also then gave three cheers for the Germans who had proved they are not all bad. 

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