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From the Archives of Western Newspapers

Posted on June 15, 2023 by Taber Times

By Samantha Johnson

Southern Alberta Newspapers

Local Journalism Initiative Reporter

Friday, June 14, 1912 – The Bellevue Times

Walter Warn is protesting the election of EW Christie and WJ Cole to the trustee board of the public school on the grounds of alleged irregularities in the election. 

The following weather signs were adopted by the Farmer’s Club several years ago and have been found to give satisfaction. When the temperature falls suddenly, there is a storm brewing south of you. When the temperature rises suddenly, the storm is north of you. The wind always blows from a region where the weather is fair to one where there is a storm forming.

Just as the citizens of Frank were presenting their case to the government and asking for financial aid to move buildings out of the danger zone and into the safety zone, about half mile west of the present business section, along come the Lethbridge Herald stating Frank has moved. To remove any false impression, Frank has not moved and many will be unable to move without financial assistance.   

Thursday, June 12, 1913 – Crossfield Chronicle 

The paper notes that several Alberta towns and villages are having their share of typhoid and other fevers. Let us as citizens take warning and keep garbage collected in the proper containers. 

Lady Constance Stewart Richardson, daughter of the Earl of Cromartie and niece to the Duke of Sutherland, is to take to the stage as a professional dancer in Vienna. This comes as no particular shock to the society in London as Lady Constance always seems to be up to something eccentric, or at the very least whimsical. 

During the autumn and winter in the Bay of Biscay, it is frequent for a heavy sea to roll up on the coast 24 hours before a gale that caused it arrives. The wave action is generated on the other side of the Atlantic by the wind and travels at a greater rate than the body of disturbed air, thus giving warning of the coming storm.  

Friday, June 9, 1916 – Mirror Journal

Not since the great cycle boom of a quarter century ago, have British inventors made more money on patented devices than in the current war. One of the fortunate inventors of the hand grenade, used so effectively in the allied trenches, is reported to have made $700,000 in royalties. The inventor of the Gardwell machine gun made $3,000 initially and gets a $15 royalty for every gun sold. A life saving device from gas attacks brought the inventors $200,000 and the list goes on. 

The department of agriculture has announced an order with new regulations regarding the export of potatoes to the USA. They now must be free of all injurious disease and insect pests. They will be exempted from inspection before shipment but will undergo the usual inspection upon arrival. 

All the speeches at various agricultural conventions about the importance of systematic crop rotation seem to have been in vain based on the latest report by the commission of conservation. Out of 100 farms visited in PEI, only one reported following a systematic rotation. In Nova Scotia it was 9, and in New Brunswick 19. In Quebec it was 0 out of 200 farms and in Ontario 8 out of 200.

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