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PCs: Prentice plan will put Alberta’s financial future on track

Posted on April 21, 2015 by Taber Times

Today in Lethbridge, Progressive Conservative leader Jim Prentice outlined both the immediate and long-term actions in his plan that will protect and create jobs, cut costs, balance the budget and live within our means.

“Alberta is resilient – but we can’t take our comeback for granted,” said Prentice. “We have a realistic and clear plan that will allow us to meet immediate challenges, and change our course for the long-term.”
Prentice added that his plan will continue to build the necessary infrastructure to ensure our students are competitive in the world economy.

“Our plan includes stable funding for post-secondary institutions,” said Prentice. “We’re enhancing scholarships, grants and student loans for students, and making sure those who take apprenticeship training are in a better position to get good, high-paying jobs.”

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