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NDP: PC candidate Lukaszuk feels the heat on Prentice plan

Posted on April 21, 2015 by Taber Times

NDP Edmonton-Castle Downs candidate Nicole Goehring said that her PC opponent Thomas Lukaszuk is clearly feeling the heat on PC policies.
“It’s clear that my PC opponent is hearing the same things on the doors that I am, and he’s feeling the heat,” said Goehring. “I’ve been knocking on doors here for a long time, and people are angry with the PCs, and not just on corporate taxes.”
Lukaszuk back-pedaled on PC policy on Tuesday, reversing his stance on corporate taxes, suggesting that the budget include corporate tax increases.
“Our message is resonating with Edmontonians,” said Goehring. “It’s time to stop PC corporate tax giveaways and stop balancing the budget on the backs of Alberta families.”
69 percent of Albertans believe corporate tax rates should increase, and New Democrats have been standing up for them.
“When Mr. Prentice says we all need to tighten our belts, clearly he just means Alberta families, not his corporate friends,” said Goehring. “I will always stand up for what’s best for Alberta families.”

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