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Wildrose will protect property rights

Posted on April 15, 2015 by Taber Times

Promising more reviews and reports is not real action on property rights.
The Prentice PCs had the past six months to review Bill 36. To date? Nothing. In fact, Prentice missed two Legislative sessions to introduce new legislation.

The Prentice PCs had the power to immediately address the Lemke decision weeks ago and did nothing.

Only Wildrose has the record of standing up for property rights and will stand up for Rural Alberta.

·Wildrose will do more than review PC legislation.
·Wildrose will repeal Bill 24, the Carbon Capture and Storage Act
·Wildrose will amend Bill 36, the Land Stewardship Act, to fully protect the rights of property and business owners
·Wildrose will pass a motion to entrench the property rights of Albertans in the Canadian Constitution
·Wildrose will amend surface rights legislation to make abundantly clear what the government and its agencies’ responsibilities are to landowners who are forced to accommodate energy developers.

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